• John Lloyd-Hughes

Ever had an idea for a business?

Need to earn money? We all need money in some form. Admittedly in different degrees and we achieve that in 1000’s of different ways. Some of us relish and love what we do whereas others are just going through the motions to earn some cash. But no matter which category you fall into we do ALL have more opportunities now than at any other time. We ALL have the chance to make a premeditated decision to change something about how we work, earn and live our lives.

Why NOW is your time!

You may or may not have an entrepreneurial spirit or a burning desire to work for yourself and be the Gates or Musk but what if you have had an inclination to try something but never had the courage or financial means to at least try it? What if all your knowledge and experience tell you that “this could really work and earn me some money”. Listen, pipe dreams are a thing of the past. Anyone, including you, really can test a business idea today at a crazy minimal cost. You CAN reveal your offer to the public to see if it has legs. How much is a risk? Ok. So, you had an idea for a new way to earn money 5 years ago or 5 minutes ago, the timing doesn’t matter. What does matter is the most common “stumbling block” question which is “how much can you afford to risk in money terms to find out?”. The most common answer is “I can’t (or don’t) want to risk anything”. But what if you could publish your ideas by sending a few emails or creating some social media posts that point directly to a professionally designed website promoting your idea that engages with people to ask for more details? What if you could do that for less than £250.00? What if you only needed “part help” at a fixed cost of £99.00? 30+ years’ MARKETING experience delivers a lot Here’s the sell. If you have had an idea to supplement your income by £1000 per month or have plans to generate full time earnings of £100k+ per annum, GET IN TOUCH.

  • We love helping people!

  • We take ideas to market at a crazy minimal cost!

  • We can create bespoke websites from just £99.00!

  • We can help promote your idea online via social media!

This time TAKE ACTION! Imagine your idea could give you an extra £1000 per month but you do nothing? We can swap emails or have a WhatsApp video call. IT COSTS NOTHING TO CHAT. Acting NOW is the most positive thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Visit for more details.

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