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Searching for an affordable way to promote your business in Yorkshire?

Take Action!

If you’re looking to expand your business and take it to new heights, look no further than YORBusiness. Join us at our next event to connect with a brand new audience and create unlimited new business opportunities for your company. 

It still costs from only £150 to exhibit your business. The event is FREE to attend for delegates and there's FREE parking for everyone too. It's an event not to be missed.

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All about YORBusiness!

At YORBusiness, we believe that nothing beats face-to-face interactions when it comes to creating new business opportunities. Our free business expo and networking event provides the perfect platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to come together and find new ways to work together. With a focus on building genuine relationships, our events bring people from various industries and backgrounds together to exchange ideas, explore new ventures, and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Pro Tip!

It's important your stand has a clear message that communicates the value of your products and services with visually appealing signage and promotional materials that reiterate what you offer. Be as proactive as you can on the day by engaging and communicating with attendees. Most of all enjoy the day and be yourself. Your enthusiasm will shine through and don't forget to follow up all your new leads and potential clients after the event to keep the conversation going!

Next Event
Conference Break Time

Next event Thursday 24 October 2024. 
Here are 5 reasons you need to attend!

#1  Brand Loyalty

Engaged attendees become loyal customers. Event engagement helps to build long-term relationships and the loyalty of those customers

#2  Enhances Customer Experience

Interactive events give prospects and customers a personalised experience. This enhances their experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and improves their potential to buy.

#3  Generates New Leads

Events provide multiple opportunities for lead generation where attendees can interact with your brand, ask questions and leave their contact information for you to follow up after the event has concluded. 

#4  Enables Customer Feedback

Events provide a platform for prospects and customers to give feedback and opinions. This helps businesses identify areas for improvement and making any necessary changes.

#5  Showcases Your Products & Services

Events are an excellent way to showcase your products and services.

Attendees get to experience products first-hand, leading to increased interest, sales and brand advocacy. 

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